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They Made a New Rule

As I was sitting on an airplane this afternoon heading to South Florida (vainly trying to escape the cold) I overheard the flight attendant tell the lady in front of me that she couldn’t keep her pillow and blanket (you know, those cheap ones provided by the airline) on the floor; she’d have to use…

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What Do You Want To Be Next Year (When You Grow Up)?

We’ve had an incredible year—tremendous growth, comeback revenue, reactivations, profitability…bonuses. So, what now? Here are some things for each member of the team to think about, for each branch to think about, for each area, region, and corporate department. 1. Why do you think you/we were so successful in 2010? 2. What lessons have you/we…

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Why Is Southwest Airlines the Most Successful of All

Flying a couple of trips this week got me thinking about Southwest Airlines’ continued success and the reasons for it. Here are some of the factors and they are simple and replicable: Value at a price customers like Free baggage No unnecessary frills (do peanuts really matter?) Point to Point routes vs. hub and spoke…

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