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Florida Takes Wise Look at Employment Friendly SUTA Costs

It’s encouraging to see Florida considering an employer friendly response to continued SUTA costs. Pass this on to your own state legislators; they are the only ones who can make a difference. Last year Florida rolled back the increase by 2 points; let’s hope they, and others, do it again!,0,5103854.story

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Latest Imprimus

Imprimis, a Publication of Hillsdale College: The January Imprimis, It’s Never Just the Economy, Stupid by Brian T. Kennedy, President of The Claremont Institute, is now available to read. Original Facebook Status:!/profile.php?id=341881063685&v=wall&story_fbid=111718028904482 Sent via TweetDeck (

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Prices Due to Rise

Companies say higher prices loom A package of Oscar Mayer cold cuts. A pair of Nine West boots. A Whirlpool washing machine.By the fall, people will most likely be paying more for each of them, as rising prices hit most consumer goods, say… On Fluent News:

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