A Patriot’s Thanksgiving

While we all gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope that each of you and all of you are blessed beyond measure and that you enjoy a sense of joy, love, and peace. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for many reasons.

One reason is that I love history, especially American history. When I think of Thanksgiving I think back to the brave individuals who dared to come to an unsettled land filled with danger and uncertainty. They left what they knew to pursue what they dreamed of. Indeed, whether it was for religious freedom or economic gain or sheer sense of adventure—the people who settled America (and later formed the United States) did so at great risk.

The holiday that we celebrate Thursday commemorates the survival of some of the earliest to come to these shores…the Pilgrims. Let’s remember them and their gratitude to God for leading them to a new world—our world.

We would not be here without them! Their risk is our reward.

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