After All Tomorrow is Another Day

Somebody needs to get me to bed and hope tomorrow is a better day! After a 4 hour nightmare of STUPID drivers, I checked into the Gwinnett Place Marriott…in the rain. My greeting was a grunted “Yes?” Then my key didn’t work so I have to go back to the lobby to have it reprogrammed. Then I go back down to the lobby restaurant where no one is seating anybody and no staff is anywhere to be found. After searching the restaurant and the service corridors I find someone who tells me (and everyone else waiting) that, even though there are open tables everywhere, it will be at least. 20 minute delay to be served. So I ask for the restaurant manager who comes over and cannot imagine why I would complain or point out the overall unacceptableness of the situation. After apologizing he tells me that, “We’re doing the best we can.” Not what I wanted to hear. So I am referred to the bar where I can get a sandwich. It’s full with no tables. So, I head out in the rain to find a place to eat. Next stop: the hotel manager.

A comedy of errors. Not mean people but broken process and poor training. And one very hungry, wet, and unhappy customer!

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