An Attitude of Gratitude

Over the years, the most successful and happiest people I have known all shared one trait in common—they were incredibly thankful. They had an attitude of gratitude.

It’s so easy to complain. To grouse. To compare. To whine. To be unhappy.

But stop and think…

  • We live in the greatest country the world has ever known
  • We have friends and family all around us
  • We have more than enough to eat and nice places to live
  • We have a tremendous company to work for and great people to work with
  • We are free and safe and prosperous

So, while all of us experience some bad things from time to time, there is always good to be found. There is always something to be thankful for.  There is always room for an attitude of gratitude.

This week, while we celebrate my favorite holiday, take time to remember all the amazing ways that God has blessed us, our families, our company, and our nation!

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