Business is a Good Thing From God

When we first started teaching business to first generation believers overseas (they had to learn it because they were starving and living at 90% unemployment in the former Soviet Union), we always had to start with a full day session on the fact that business had actually been created by God and it was a good thing.

From Genesis 1-2 we learn that God set up all the institutions that man would need to thrive on the planet he had created for him. Family (Eve), Work (tending the garden), Business (managing the world), and so forth. Every institution has a divine purpose. For business it is to be the engine of wealth creation that, in turn, enables all the other institutions to function.

Yes, the fall introduced corruption into everything—the family, the church, and business. But the thing itself is good and is to be fully connected to God and his plans for mankind. Relish in your calling to business. It’s a very good thing from God.

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