Circumstances Can’t Be Excuses

What You May Not Know About America’s Founding Fathers

In 1755, Alexander Hamilton was born out of wedlock in the British West Indies to James and Rachel Hamilton.  Because Hamilton’s parents were not legally married (and his mother had been previously married), the Church of England denied Hamilton membership or education in the church school.  He was self- taught.
James then abandoned Rachel.  Rachel supported the family by keeping a small store. However, she contracted a severe fever and died on February 19, 1768, leaving Hamilton effectively orphaned.  Then, in probate court, Rachel’s first husband seized her estate and obtained the few valuables Rachel had owned.
Hamilton had to support himself and became a clerk at a local import-export firm.  He and his older brother James were adopted briefly by a cousin, Peter Lytton, but when Lytton committed suicide, Hamilton was separated from his brother and orphaned again.  He was all alone.
99 percent of people would have used Hamilton’s life circumstances as an excuse to throw in the towel, but not Alexander.  His fierce determination led him to end up crafting America’s Federalist Papers and become our first Secretary of State.  He, and those like him, was made of steel and helped forge our fantastic country.  Here are 10 Vignettes About America’s Founding Fathers to remind you that, in a nation as great as ours, anything is possible.

Thanks to John Nossaman for sharing this!

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