Predictable Results (Part 5)

So far we have seen that to achieve predictable (positive) results in unpredictable times (welcome to the real world!) there are practices and approaches smart companies can take.

1. Execute on a Few Key Priorities with Excellence (vs. trying to do everything with folks who don’t know what they are supposed to do or why it matters)

2. Move with the Speed of Trust (vs. slowing things down through bad communication, layers of bureauracy, reams of approval/sign off forms)

3. Achieve More With Less (vs. frittering away resources on wasteful, non-productive activities)

And now, the fourth: Reduce Fear. Edwards Deming said “Drive all fear from the workplace.” Fear comes from either not knowing what is going to happen (worry) or not being sure of the competence or motivations of those around you. Either way, fearful workers spend a lot of time and energy fretting and protecting rather than creating and improving.

For leaders to eliminate fear, they can practice greater transparency and openness, greater communication at all levels. The light dispels darkness and truth dispels fear.

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