Selling Through Your Clients’ Eyes

Tom Hopkins (by way of Brenda Brainard)…

Several years ago, I attended a banquet for top salespeople. Before I gave my talk, the speaker introduced someone in the audience and said, "This man earned twice the national average in sales last year …"

The speaker’s manner suggested that it was quite an achievement. But, it has been done by many, so everyone craned their necks and looked at the man in puzzlement.  "… and he’s totally blind." There was a burst of applause. When that finally quieted, the speaker said, "I’m sure that many of us are wondering how you got into the top third in sales achievement with your handicap."

"Wait a minute," the blind man replied, "I don’t have a handicap, I have an advantage over every other salesperson in my field. I have never seen a product I’ve sold, so I have to close through my prospect’s eyes. What I do is what all of you sighted people could do. You’d serve your clients better, and make more money if you did."

This is so true! You must see the benefits, the features and the limitations of your product or service from the buyer’s viewpoint. You must weigh them on their scale of values, not your own. Once you are able to do that, you will be able to concentrate on your job of serving them. You will be able to empathize with their situation, their specific needs and radiate the confidence that you can help them.

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