The Power of Impressions


I walked into the nearest “pak and post” store because I needed to Fedex something. We don’t have Fedex Kinko’s in Hooterville.

It stunk—they’d been smoking in there and the smell of stale tobacco hung on everything and probably on me by the time I left. It was sloppy. I mean really sloppy. Stacks of papers, boxes, files, stuff, junk…everywhere. And they were poorly dressed; not just casual but downright slovenly. Oh, and did I mention rude?

So in the space of about 4 minutes I determined that, even though they are significantly closer than the closest alternative, I am done and won’t go back. Period. Convenience isn’t worth everything.

And I walked away with a fresh understanding of the power of impressions…

1. The smell was enough to keep me out.

2. Disorganization and sloppiness doesn’t give much confidence that my important package will actually make it.

3. Unprofessional looking staff doesn’t make we think I’m dealing with a top shelf operation.

4. Rudeness is always inexcusable.

5. Fedex even lost a few style points for letting this gross third party represent them in our area.

Application: what does the first 4 minutes in our offices leave by way of impression?

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