The Power of the Knee Pads

Love means never having to say you’re sorry—at least that’s what Ali McGraw said to Ryan O’Neal in (maybe) the cheesiest 70’s romantic movie of all time!

Love Story

Unfortunately, it’s not true in love (ask anyone who’s married) and it’s certainly not true in business. If we make a mistake or are perceived to make a mistake, if we have a service failure or a relationship slip, there is only one thing to do: admit it, apologize, and then fix it.

Remember, the blameless apology does not necessarily say you are a jerk or that you did anything wrong. It does say that you are sorry the customer is not happy or that things didn’t go well.

Apologize. Resolve. Move on.

When was the last time you slipped? When was the last time you said you were sorry it happened?

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