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Archive for June 2009

Report from South Asia

As the team returned from South Asia (Country “B”—extremely closed), they completed Phase III of the Jholdas Project and came back with recommendations to fund five new graduates who will combine business as mission in their home country. Please pray for Tsh, Ng, Tal, Ben, and Len as the prepare to launch these strategic kingdom…

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South Asia Team Heading Home

For the next two days, our IMED South Asia Team (John G, Mike W, Perry C) will be working their way home. They served on the border of India and a very closed country to equip national believers to start kingdom businesses and how to use them for church planting in that unreached area. They…

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Gods that are No Gods

On my recent trip to Thailand I ran into this Bhuddist Temple… yet, even in the midst of this pagan worship there is a glimpse of the Truth… The top Chinese character means “righteous”—it is literally two characters “lamb” and “over me.” Amazing!

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Success in the Land of the Pyramids

Will and Steve just returned from North Africa (closed country) where they completed the second year of the Project there. The graduating class was very small but very serious. Pray for Roger and Louis as they launch their kingdom businesses this year in a very hard place.

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Phase 3 in South Asia

Pray for Mike, John, and Perry as they travel to Darjeeling (India) where they will lead a Phase 3 conference with a small group of believers from the neighboring country (B..n). In addition to equipping these eternally minded business leaders, they will also be exploring how to begin the process of turning the project over…

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