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Archive for September 2011

Leadership traits are as simple as ABC

“OUTSWIMMING THE SHARKS” HARVEY MACKAY As children, we played “follow the leader” for hours on end. The crazier the route and antics, the more we liked it. Being the leader was the best part. As working adults, “follow the leader” talks on a whole new meaning. Leadership is an art and a skill. It’s hard…

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The Power of Trust

There are many points on the Trust Continuum: from active distrust on one end to unlimited confidence on the other. Think of this gradient: Active Distrust—someone not only has no confidence in you they actually believe you would harm them if you could Mistrust—while not believing you have evil intent there is no belief that…

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Think Big, Act Small

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a book entitled Think Big, Act Small. It’s a great book and well worth reading (and short). From a corporate perspective its message is simple: dream big but don’t get too big for your britches! What about at the local level? How does this work for…

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