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Archive for July 2009

Peril in Nepal

Pray for church leaders and our brothers and sisters in Kathmandu. Terrorist have demanded “ransom” for protection and the churches are refusing (choosing to trust the Lord for protection). Join with them in prayer. Psalm 33-35.

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5 Things Leaders MUST Do

According to leadership experts James Kouzes and Barry Posner, there are 5 things that every leader must do in all times…especially these times. 1. Model the Way: be what you say, walk your talk, demonstrate that you can be trusted 2. Inspire a Shared Vision: give people a sense of direction, of hope, of a…

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New Leadership in Kyrgyzstan

IMED began in Kyrgyzstan in the 90’s. The missionary responsible on that end for launching this entire work is leaving Kstan after 11 years; Pete has been a great friend to IMED and to the Jholdas Project and to me. We praise God for his work and support. Pray for the new IMED representative in…

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Unrest in Western China

The demonstrations and violence aimed at the Uigurs (Muslims living in far western China) is also affecting workers in that area and may also spill over to the Kyrgyz community. Pray for restraint.

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North Africa

Pray for our graduates in a North African country where elections, national strikes, and other obstacles have seriously challenged their kingdom business launches.

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South Asia Businesses

Pray for 5 new South Asian kingdom entrepreneurs—the fruit of the recent Phase III trip from Fellowship Bible Church. Their funding is en route and their adventure is just beginning.

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