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Archive for November 2010

The List

Simple question–what are you thankful for in 2010? Health? A job? Your family? Salvation? Make your list–it’s longer than you think!

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Over the years, the most successful and happiest people I have known all shared one trait in common—they were incredibly thankful. They had an attitude of gratitude. It’s so easy to complain. To grouse. To compare. To whine. To be unhappy. But stop and think… We live in the greatest country the world has ever…

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The Cool, Overly Elegant Solution

I checked into my flight online in Minneapolis and instead of printing my boarding pass I had it sent to my iPhone. From the received QR code (kind of like a square barcode) I could simply place my screen against a scanner to get through security, into the Crown Room, and onto the plane. Cool!…

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Do They Want to See You?

For many prospects and even customers, a visit from a sales rep is about as welcome as a political ad (and if you are like me you are ready to hurl from so much “advertising”). So why are we so unwelcome? Because we make the call all about us—just like a politician. I’ll do this.…

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