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Archive for January 2011

A Delta Service Victory. I’m Delayed and Happy

If Delta could clone this guy they’d be the number ONE airline in America. We are delayed so he comes around the podium, tells us he LOVES us because we are HIS CUSTOMERS, promises to do all he can fix things and keep us informed, AND tells us to come and talk with him if…

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Selling Through Your Clients’ Eyes

Tom Hopkins (by way of Brenda Brainard)… Several years ago, I attended a banquet for top salespeople. Before I gave my talk, the speaker introduced someone in the audience and said, "This man earned twice the national average in sales last year …" The speaker’s manner suggested that it was quite an achievement. But, it…

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The Acid Test of True Leadership

I came across this quote from my hero/mentor: Winston Churchill (no, they don’t have to be alive to learn from them): Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe. Now that cuts to…

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A Powerful 3 Minutes

Reading in Tom Peters’ “The Little Big Things” I came across the idea of “go ahead and make that 3 minute call you don’t want to make while the issue is still small.” Isn’t that the truth? Something happens and a quick walk across the office or a short phone call could set things right…

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What Marks Have We Left?

This blog from Seth Godin (I highly recommend subscribing) made me think… Soles All you’ve got, all your brand has got, all any of us have are the memories and expectations and changes we’ve left with others. It’s so easy to get hung up on the itinerary, the features and the specs, but that’s not…

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It’s the Little Things

Checked into the hotel in Atlanta today—young lady at the front desk was very friendly, remembered me, welcomed me back BEFORE the computer told her to. I stay here every time I’m in Atlanta. Why? The little things—like being known and greeted. I wonder if we are remembering the “little things.”

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