Functional Team Development

Functional Team Development: High performance teams are essential to the success of any business. Unfortunately, many companies are so used to dysfunctional teams that they have difficulty imagining what a high performance functional team looks like not to mention figuring out how to develop one. Jholdas engages with teams in three unique, but complimentary ways to enable leaders to envision and develop high performance functional teams: 1)understanding themselves and others on the team through use of the DISC personality assessment, 2)understanding synergistic problem solving in teams through use of Human Synergistic’s survival exercises, and 3) understanding how to overcome the dysfunctions always present in teams by using The Table Group’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team on line assessment and tools for identifying and overcoming obstacles. Taken together with proper coaching and team intervention, many business teams have experienced improvement in team performance as a result of Jholdas coaching.

Team Development



Subarctic or Desert Survival Exercises: Jholdas uses Human Synergistic’s Survival Exercises to teach and model synergistic problem solving which involves both task and relational components. This highly participative survival exercise enables team members to experience synergistic team problem solving in a safe and yet unfamiliar environment. As part of the debriefing process facilitated by Jholdas, coaches provide systematic feedback to the team on what worked and what didn’t and facilitate a discussion whereby each team and team member share their observations and learning from the exercise. Team members then apply their learning to real world situations they are likely to encounter in their company as a group and wrap up by developing a personal action plan for them to improve synergistic team problem solving in their organization.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team: The Jholdas coach will facilitate a learning discussion of the fundamental concepts of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (by Patrick Lencioni) and then utilize an on- line assessment provided by The Table Group to evaluate your particular team. Through a combination of coaching and small group interaction and team feedback, team leaders and members will learn specific effective techniques on how to overcome each of the five dysfunctions of a team: lack of trust, lack of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability, and inattention to results.

DISC: The Jholdas Group uses the DISC personality profile tool to help individuals understand themselves and others. This understanding is a key to working well in teams and being able to communicate with and motivate others effectively.