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Archive for June 2011

Help This Child Get a Country

This is a situation in which an old friend finds that the US will not grant a passport to his adopted Chinese daughter.  Update on Why US Immigration is refusing to grant our daughter Hannah Daniel US Citizenship resulting in her being a “Stateless Person without a Country on September 3, 2011 As most of…

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How Long Should We Wait, Mr. President?

Obama Says Wait and See For Economic Recovery President Obama said Friday there will be bumps on the road to recovery, as he appealed for patience on the economy following a government report that showed the pace of hiring slowed dramatically last month. The report, which showed… On Fluent News:…

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CEOs and Employers Individually Liable for Illegal Hiring

White House Targets Top Dogs for Corporate Crimes The Obama administration is getting personal. Taking a cut-the-head-off-the-snake approach to law enforcement, federal officials are moving to punish individual executives and employers for the crimes of their companies. The approach so far has been used to deal with… On Fluent News:…

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Why Do We Do Stupid Things Like This?

U.S. Offers Foreign Aid to Countries Holding Billions in Treasury Securities The United States is providing hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign aid to countries that it borrows billions from, according to a report by Congress’s research arm.The Congressional Research Services released a report last month, a copy… On Fluent News:…

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