Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement:In order to achieve the vision, a variety of core business processes often need improvement within a company. Jholdas delivers on our proven experience and facilitates the process whereby team members identify and implement solutions which improve performance in core business practices. Jholdas Solutions for business process improvement include: Linkage, Sales, Project Management, LEAN, and Recruiting the Best and Brightest.


Business Process Improvement

Sales: Our coaches bring SPIN selling, the culture of discipline with a sales pipeline process, and strategic account management as core processes that improve sales performance.

Project Management: Through an agreement with PSMJ Resources, Inc. The Jholdas Group brings PSMJ’s world class project management training and execution to A/E firms nationwide.

LEAN: ***

Recruiting the Best and the Brightest: Our coaches’ train and coach staff on identifying and recruiting the best and the brightest to your organization in a tight labor market for professionals. We coach and train in the use of the Harrison Assessment in the selection process.