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Archive for November 2011

My Favorite Holiday

Like many people I talk with Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There are lots of reasons. It’s simple (except for my wife who spends days preparing for the mad consumption moment). There are no presents. Just family, friends, and food. How could you not love that? One thing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately…

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Warriors, Veterans and Other Heroes

Every Veterans Day I think of my Dad, now nearly 91. When the Germans invaded Poland in 1939 my Dad was 19. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor he was 21. He enlisted a few months later and was trained as a fighter pilot in the Army Air Corps. He learned to fly P-47 Thunderbolts,…

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One Thing

Life is complicated enough and business has enough twists and turns without us making it worse. Fortunately, most businesses can be reduced to just a few things, or even one thing, that is the key to making it all work. There is a great scene in the movie City Slickers in which Curly reduces life…

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