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Archive for August 2011

Circumstances Can’t Be Excuses

What You May Not Know About America’s Founding Fathers In 1755, Alexander Hamilton was born out of wedlock in the British West Indies to James and Rachel Hamilton.  Because Hamilton’s parents were not legally married (and his mother had been previously married), the Church of England denied Hamilton membership or education in the church school. …

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Breaking the Rules

Delta blew me away last week! Weather delayed my flight into Atlanta—trying to connect to S. FLA. I won’t run through the airport so I figured I’d miss my connection. When I got to the gate, the door was shut. That is a bad sign since they NEVER open the door once it’s closed. The…

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Vendor-Partner-Trusted Advisor

How would you characterize the relationship you have with your customers? Good. Bad. Average. Let me suggest a different continuum. On the left side is Vendor (someone from whom they buy a service or product). To the right of that is Partner (someone with whom they share outcomes—what is good for one is good for…

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