About Us

For over a decade, The Jholdas Group has brought life changing executive business coaching to our clients. We listen, ask good questions, and walk along side leaders in your business much like a coach for a professional golfer.  Every member of our select team is a proven executive leader with years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience focused on building functional teams and getting extraordinary results.  Founded in 1997, we have an exclusive focus on small to mid-size businesses.

 We’re not about building our great company; we are about investing in you to build your great company.

Our culture and core values:

  • We will always seek mutually beneficial outcomes in all that we do—for our clients, our associates, our vendors, and for any people with whom we labor
  • We will operate in a fiscally responsible manner
  • We will seek continual learning and improvement so that what is done is done well and with full commitment
  • We will build “jholdas” (the friendship that comes through shared struggle) with all with whom we have dealings
  • We will maintain the priorities of family and friendship
  • We will endeavor to find maximum enjoyment in whatever activities we may be involved in