Beware Fatigue of Heart

It’s one thing to be tired in your body or to be tired in your mind—but if you become tired in your heart it becomes nearly impossible to go on. Protracted hard times tend to make us tired deep inside and the fire burns low (and seems to go out).

So, how do you deal with heart fatigue? Here are a few things I’ve learned from some wise folks…

  1. Spend some time remembering good times in the past.
  2. Make a list at the end of the day of at least 3 things you are thankful for.
  3. Spend time with a good friend who you can trust and open up to.
  4. Watch a stupid, funny movie (like an old Pink Panther movie or the Three Amigos or Wild Hogs or something mindless); be sure to laugh out loud.
  5. Set 1 achievable goal for each day. Forget next week or next month—how about just tomorrow?
  6. Look around for someone to encourage; believe me, you are not alone.

So, how do YOU suggest people deal with this?

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