How Waste Grows…

It is amazing to me how much waste there actually is in business (ours and others). I mean REAL WASTE.

Some of you will remember when I posted about my attorney reconciling his escrow trust and mailing me a check for TWO CENTS. 2. The time, postage, and paper cost was at least $5. I still have the check and carry it with me to remind me how dumb people can  be.

Well, today, I received this letter.

Romeo Letter

Yep. Another letter about TWO CENTS. More time, more paper, more postage. And I still have the check. AND, now he’s going to escheat (turn it over) to the government. More time, more paper, more postage. And who knows what stupid things will happen when the state gets a hold of it!

APPLICATION: where does this happen in our business????

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