New Territory

How do we decide where to go and where to start the IMED project? There is a simple set of criteria that we use as we think and pray through each decision:

1. We work ONLY in unreached people group areas; others are focused on reached areas and the need is great there also. Nevertheless, we feel clearly called to UPGs.

2. We have to be invited by a suitable IN-COUNTRY partner. We don’t market and we don’t go looking. We wait. When a suitable partner contacts us we are ready.

3. A SUITABLE in-country partner is someone with a passion for the kingdom and (at least) a basic understanding and appreciation of business. They must want the project and be committed to receiving it and coordinating it on a local basis until a strong national team can be raised up to take it over.

4. Available IMED RESOURCES have to be adequate to a research and launch (beta) year. Do we have the leadership to handle the load and a US partner to cover the people side?

It’s not an easy decision but at least these criteria help us to stay on track.

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