What’s That in the Road…a Head?

When I was a kid, just before the discovery of fire, dumb jokes were something to be proud of. Real groaners were the mark of a real man…a cool guy. One of our worst/coolest was to change the emphasis on words in a sentence. Like this…

1. Throw Mama From the Train….(long pause) a Kiss.

2. What’s for Supper….(pause) Mother?

3. What do you have on….(pause) your mind?

4. And, what’s that in the road…a head?

So what is in the road ahead? Truthfully I have no idea.

I do know this. 2010 has been one wild ride with tremendous growth and return to strong profitability along with a ton of hard work, long hours, and massive change. And I’m pretty sure 2011 will be a lot like 2010. Lots of change. Lots of new things. Lots of opportunities. Lots of growth. Lots of work, challenges, fun, and volatility.

And here’s something else I know. There’s no group I’d rather head into this next year with than the one with whom I am about to finish this one. I’m convinced that with the right people (us) living by the right principles (our values) focused on the right things (a few key priorities) we can not only face 2011 but we can go through it with true excitement and amazing success!

So, here’s to what’s in the road ahead—to a great 2011 for all of us!

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